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  • The Giving Keys

    One morning about a month ago I was reading through my usual fashion sites that I do every morning…I like to call it working, and on a small […]

    On June 5, 2013 / By Kim Appelt
  • Take Off

    For those of you who have made the journey over from my Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter or whatever other social media thanks for coming! If you stumbled upon […]

    On June 3, 2013 / By Kim Appelt
  • Its Time to Blush

    Heading into the weekend I had very little time to get a dress and a few events to go too.  I was looking for something that was easy […]

    On June 1, 2013 / By Kim Appelt
  • Silk and Smoke

    Thank you to Xsenia and Olya for one of the most beautiful dresses that has graced my body as of late. Last month I had the pleasure of […]

    On June 1, 2013 / By Kim Appelt
  • Its Time For Shorts

    In some people’s minds, shorts can seem more like a daytime piece. But with all the fun prints out there right now, and the different looks, you can […]

    On May 27, 2013 / By Kim Appelt