Style for Everybody

Available on August 29th, 2023




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Style for Everybody

We’ve all felt that defeat: thumbing through blouse after blouse in your closet, feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Or at least, nothing you feel good in. That’s where Style for Everybody comes in. Kim Appelt is a stylist to the stars, and while her chic looks dazzle at award shows and beyond, she knows life’s not all about being red carpet ready. Building on the fun, approachable style wisdom from her popular YouTube videos, Style for Everybody is the go-to book for creating a classic and timeless wardrobe to perfectly fit you—your body, your style, and your life.

With Kim’s guidance, you’ll learn how to:

With an understanding of versatile body shapes (hourglass and rectangles are only the beginning) and fashion styles (a little preppy, full-on edgy?), Kim knows that the better you feel about yourself, the more of a positive force you can be in the world. Filled with beautiful illustrations, Style for Everybody is like having a personal stylist (and cheerleader!) in your home—and Kim’s help and encouragement will keep coming back whenever you need a style pick-me-up.

What people are saying

A wonderful, illustrated style guide from the expert! Style for Everybody provides style advice for everyone, from dressing with confidence to curating a perfect closet and creating your personal capsule collection best suited for you.

—Suzanne Rogers, founder of The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute and notable supporter of Canadian fashion

Kim Appelt’s Style for Everybody is as essential as a white T-shirt, on top of being a refreshingly practical approach to looking effortlessly chic. Kim reminds us that dressing up can be fun, and will inspire you to look and feel your best every day.

—Janine Verreault, Editor-in-Chief, BCLiving

Style for Everybody is a clear step-by-step guide on how to organize your fashion ‘life.’ And as someone who hangs onto clothes for emotional reasons, I found her advice to ‘let go’ of things I haven’t worn in years very motivational.

—Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-Chief, FASHION magazine

Kim’s eagle eye for great style is a godsend for those who are a little unsure of how to pull it all together. This is the perfect handbook for navigating fashion’s maze with both confidence and creativity!!

—Jeanne Beker, fashion journalist and TV host

Kim provides a manageable and easy way not only to dress but to handle the daunting task of taking on your closet every day. When you’re overwhelmed with your clothes, it takes the fun out of dressing. Style for Everybody is for the person who wants to bring the ease and joy back to walking into their closet every morning.

——Roxy Earle, TV personality, fashion designer, and founder of #MySizeRox